Watch Size Killa’s Powerful Performance At Hipnotik


Fresh off releasing his latest mixtape Familiar Faces Vol.2, the Swazi Nazi shares with us his powerful  performance that took place at Hipnotik this year.

Holding it down for Black Race Records, Size Killa treated the crowd with a dose of real hip hop for his 12 minute set. Joined on stage by his fellow label mates Verse-tile & M.K.O on the night, Size Killa demonstrated great vocal technique throughout his entire performance.

The Swazi Nazi took the crowd through a musical journey by performing songs like ”What Up”, ”Run” & also kicked an unplugged freestyle on the spot. Verse-tile & M.K.O also get the opportunity to rock the stage performing songs off the Black Race catalog.

Seeing the crowd move from being cold to warm during the performance is the one thing that makes this performance a golden watch. Peep all the action below.



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