AKA: ”Anyone talking s*** about me in any of these round tables is getting klapped”

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‘The World Is Yours’ hit marker AKA is currently in US, Texas for the SXSW concert. However, at home, V-Entertainment has launched a new show called  ‘Fashion Culture’. The show airs tonight at 18:00 CAT on V Entertainment.

With just a few hours till the show airs, the V Entertainment social media team shared a snippet of whats coming on the show. The panel consists of Paledi, Alan Foley, Lufuno Sethekge, Don Design, Barbiliscious and Moozlie as the host.

The snippet of the show shared by V Entertainment sees the panel weighing about AKA’s brand. This however lead to the ‘Composure’ star to send out threats. ”Anyone talking s*** about me in any of these round tables in 2018 is getting klapped. Straight up” AKA responded to the preview shared.

The Supa Mega’s reply left Twitter in a frenzy trying to figure out if he really means this or not. Besides all the dram, the rap star has been working towards finishing his forthcoming solo album ‘Touch My Blood”.