”Myself & Reebok got something major on the way too.” – AKA

AKA has a new collaboration with Reebok Classics on the way. Last year the Supa Mega secured a new ambassador deal with Reebok Classics and since then ”The World Is Yours” hit marker has been representing the brand exceptionally well.

However, AKA & Reebok seem to have more in store for all the supporters of their collaboration. I highly suspect that there’s a collection between the Supa Mega and Reebok on the way.

Upon revealing that they have more on the way, the Supa Mega didnt dive into details on whats in store but he has reassured his fans that it will be ground breaking.

In his exact words, Kierna siad: ‘‘Myself & Reebok got something major on the way too. Of course it will be groundbreaking. Just wait on it. We not playing any games this year. ”