J.Cole Stops Crowd From Chanting: “F**k Lil Pump”

It’s been approximately two weeks since J.Cole released his fifth studio album “KOD”.

Since the release of the album, one record that sparked a lot of conversation was “1985” where Jermaine raps about the unpleasant current state of hip hop.

However, during his JMBLYA performance this past weekend, the Dreamville rapper had to stop a crowd which started chanting “Fuck Lil Pump” during his set.

“Nah, nah, don’t do that,” Cole told the crowd when the Pump chant kicked off. “Don’t do that. Don’t say that.” After the minor incident, he then continued his rest of the perfomance with an acapella of “1985” from start to finish, with the crowd rapping along.

Cole recently told Vulture in a recent interview that “1985” isn’t a diss record directed at anyone specific. “it’s “really a ‘shoe fits’ situation.” Multiple people, he added, could potentially wear that shoe.”