Priddy Ugly parts ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment

Priddy Ugly says he’s no longer signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Artists are dropping like flies over at Ambitiouz Entertainment. After announcing her split from the label recently, Amanda Black became the latest artist to ditch Ambitiouz’s imprint. But the label also suffered another loss: Priddy Ugly.

During his interview with Silikour on What SA Hip Hop Said, the rapper revealed that he quietly ended his deal with the label.

“I’m not with Ambitious Entertainment anymore bro,” he said. “I resigned about a month ago, I’ve just been in the process of making sure the exit is clean.” 

“Shout out to them you know, they’ve been like, trying to help me to make sure it’s as clean as possible because obviously people have left before and there was a lot of drama there,” he added.