Gigi Lamayne Accuses Dj Citi Lyts Of Physical And Mental Abuse

While most people didn’t know (myself included), Ambitiouz Entertainment musicians, Gigi Lamayne and DJ Citi Lyts were an item.

The two seem to have been together for a while, until things went sour. According to Gigi, the “VI” rapper, Citi Lyts was treatin g her bad after she was loyal to him all along.

Lamayne opened up publicly through social media about her unpleasant times she had faced while with the DJ.

“You’ll be loyal AF. They’ll abuse you and accuse you of cheating because they know what they’ve been up to all along.” said Lamayne on one of her tweets.

The “Ice Cream” hit marker also said Citi Lyts’s late brother, PRO would be very dissapointed in his actions and would’ve have protected her. Gigi Lamayne started talking on this matter since yesterday, and later deleted all her tweets regarding this matter.

There’s been no response from the “Washa” DJ whose still mourning his late brother.