Kwesta to record a Kwaito Album


While Kwesta’s new single “Vur Vai” is still making waves on social media, the K1 God has taken the reception of his new song to the next level.

With songs like “Ngud”, “Spirit” and now “Vur Vai”, Kwesta’s fans have now demanded a Kwaito album. If you notice the sonic pattern of Kwesta’s latest releases, they’re all inspired by Kwaito from the vocal execution all the way to production.

This formula has proven to work for the “Ngud” hit marker and it seems like he’s headed that direction musically. When a fan requested a Kwaito album from the star, the K1 God assured the fan that he’s on it.

This could only mean on his new album we could be hearing this kind of vibe more often. Kwesta will be hosting a 3 days Spring Break this weekend (28, 29 & 30 Sept).



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