“Unfortunately that’s no longer happening” – K.O on Teargas releasing new music

Sometime last year, the Skhanda Gawd, K.O confirmed that legendary SA Hip Hop group, Teargas will be dropping new music come 2019.

However, things between Ma-E, Ntukza and K.O don’t seem to be going well. Last year December, Ntukza called out K.O for hindering the reunion of the group.

Since Ntukza made those allegations against Mrcashtime, hopes of Teargas reunion have diminished.

Yesterday on Twitter, K.O confirmed that Teargas will no longer be working on new musuc together due to reasons he can’t disclose.

From outside looking in, Ntukza and K.O don’t seem to be getting along so well, despite getting a Teargas cameo on K.O’s “Fire Emojii” video which came out on the third quarter last year.

The “Caracara” hit marker called the Teargas’s current situation a “sad reality”. Upon K.O saying this, Teargas fans reacted to the news expressing how unpleased they’re about the situation between the fellas.