Shane Eagle isn’t signed to Dreamville Records

It’s been a couple of weeks since the “Yellow” rapper, Shane Eagle joined Dreamville’ s “Bas” on the European leg tour of “Milky Way”.

Seeing Eagle building a close relationship with Dreamville, fans might have assumed that Eagle joined J.Cole’s label rooster after he referred to them as “family” in one of his recent tweets.

However Shane’s manager manage to clear the rumours in a interview with Channel 24 News saying “We haven’t signed with J.Cole’s record label. Twitter got ahead of itself and made that story up. We just came off a tour with Dreamville (the label) and we’re very close to them but we are not signed with them. We actually independent and have our own label called Eagle Entertainment.” The businessman and manger also eluded to a tweet by Shane that his followers might have misconstrued in which he said: ” Family Now @Dreamville”.